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100W 230V L 3000Mm L1 (Unheated) 1000Mm For CODIGEL Part# 560009

L2 (Heated) 2000Mm Cable 6,3Mm Silicone - Suitable For: Codigel, Coreco

Bush For Hinge Id 10Mm 16Mm W 23,5Mm For CODIGEL Part# 560480

Mounting Pos. Upper/Lower Grey H 53,5Mm - Suitable For: Codigel, Coreco, Fagor

Condensing Tray L 255Mm W 127Mm H 70Mm For CODIGEL Part# 560058

Suitable For: Codigel, Coreco, Fagor

Drain Pump Inlet 24Mm Outlet 23Mm 100W 230V For CODIGEL Part# 5140023

50Hz Gre - Suitable For: Alpeninox, Barline, Codigel, Electrolux, Kastel, Scotsman, Simag, Zanussi

Evaporator L 440Mm W 210Mm H 90Mm For CODIGEL Part# 560556

Suitable For: Codigel, Coreco, Fagor

Gear Motor Itv Type Mt6B-Gb5Fs 3,5W 230V 50Hz For CODIGEL Part# 42114020

30Rpm Shaft 6Mm L 64Mm W 51Mm H 40Mm - Suitable For: Codigel, Eurofrance, Itv, Kastel

Heating Element 2800W 230V Heating Circuits 1 For CODIGEL Part# 5120088

Thread 1½" L 255Mm W 38Mm H 28Mm H2 33Mm - Suitable For: Adler, Codigel, Whirlpool

Heating Element 5000W 230V Heating Circuits 2 For CODIGEL Part# 8907

Id 223Mm Ed 236Mm L 265Mm H 65Mm L1 25Mm - Suitable For: Codigel, Smeg, Unox

Hinge Bolt Upper 10Mm L 30Mm It M6 For CODIGEL Part# 560479

For Refrigerated Counters Mounting Pos. Upper - Suitable For: Codigel, Coreco, Fagor

Microswitch With Push Button 250V 5A 1Co For CODIGEL Part# 560597

Connection Male Faston 4.8Mm L 24X27Mm - Suitable For: Afi, Codigel, Coreco, Coreco, Desmon, Desmon, Electrolux, Fagor, Forcar, Gamko, Mcc-Trading-International, Nuova Simonelli, Star 1, Tefcold, Zanussi

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker Type Mbs25-025 For CODIGEL Part# 42302470

Setting Range 1.6-2.5A (Ac3/400V) 1,1Kw - Suitable For: Codigel, Convotherm, Convotherm, Dihr, Ge General Electric, Itv, Krefft, Kromo, Kãƒå“Ppersbusch, Kãƒâ¼Ppersbusch, Lovato, Metos, Rational, Rosinox

Pump Gre 100W 230V 50Hz Inlet 24Mm Outlet 23Mm For CODIGEL Part# 5140023

L 145Mm Rotation Direction Right - Suitable For: Adler, Alpeninox, Barline, Codigel, Electrolux, Kastel, Kastel, Krefft, Scotsman, Scotsman, Simag, Simag, Zanussi

Rotary Switch 3 1-2-3 Sets Of Contacts 3 For CODIGEL Part# 5120539

Type Gn2082U11 690V 20A Shaft 6X6Mm - Suitable For: Adler, Codigel, Lovato

Thermometer Mounting 52Mm T.Max. 120°C For CODIGEL Part# 6821350003

0 Up To +120°C Probe 6,5Mm Probe L 23Mm - Suitable For: Codigel, Edesa, Fagor, Imit

Thermostat Ranco Type K22 S1096 For CODIGEL Part# 42100153

Capillary Pipe 1500Mm - Suitable For: Codigel, Itv, Ranco