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Electronic Controller Dixell Xr20Cx-5N0C1 For ODIC Part# XR02CX

Mounting Measurements 71X29Mm 230V Voltage Ac - Suitable For: Art Serf, Cookmax, Desmon, Dixell, Emmepi, Gemm, Mafirol, Odic

Electronic Controller Every Control For ODIC Part# 40342

Type Evk211N7Vxbs Mounting Measurements 71X29Mm - Suitable For: Angelo Po, Evco, Mareno, Odic, Sagi, Whirlpool

Heating Element 2650W 240V Heating Circuits 1 For ODIC Part# 40054

Id 201Mm Ed 218Mm L 252Mm H 36Mm L1 28Mm - Suitable For: Ambassade, Ambassade, Bartscher, Ego, Odic

Pcb Blast Freezer L 118Mm W 80Mm For ODIC Part# 74701063

Suitable For Afinox Model Evc80S10P7Afx00 - Suitable For: Afinox, Afinox, Odic

Temperature Probe Ptc 1Kohm Cable Pvc For ODIC Part# 40185

Probe -50 Up To +150°C Cable -10 Up To 100°C - Suitable For: Alpeninox, Bonnet, Colged, Dixell, Electrolux, Elettrobar, Elframo, Elframo, Eliwell, Emmepi, Eurotec, Evco, Fagor, Forcar, Ilsa, Ilsa, Komel, Komel, Mbm, Metalcarrelli, Odic, Polaris, Repagas, Zanussi