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With more than 50,000 parts, PartsFPS brings you one stop solution for all your Catering Service Parts requirements. We specialize in supplying Catering equipment parts for most of the manufacturers. We believe every part is a true friend - It Won’t Let You down Till It’s End. Start searching the part you are looking for. You can search by Manufacturer. Or our Part number search is robust to search within all categories/manufacturers in our database.
PartsFPS - Catering Parts and Supplies

We are the leading distributors of catering equipment parts. When you choose PartsFPS for your replacement parts, you always get excellent quality products at reasonable price. We have more than 550 brands.

We offer OEM replacement parts of excellent quality with quick shipping service (for In-Stock items). PartsFPS is devoted to serve our customers. Our main objective is to provide one stop shop for all kitchen equipment parts to our customers.

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Alarm Device 230Vac 70Mm H 80Mm Screw Mounting

Mounting Distance 45Mm 92Db Protection Ip33 -

Auxiliary Contact Contacts 1Nc Ac15 10A For Electrolux Part# 0,00E+00

For Contactors K2/K3 Connection Screw Type Hn01 - Suitable For: Electrolux, Juno-Rãƒâ¶Der-Senking, Therma, Zanussi

Auxiliary Contact Contacts 3Nc/1No Ac1 10A

For Contactors Bf Series Connection Screw -

Ball Valve Inlet 1" It Outlet 1" It With Plug 230V For Electrolux Part# 5026

L 152Mm 50/60Hz Closed Off-Current - Suitable For: Alpeninox, Electrolux, Juno-Rãƒâ¶Der-Senking, Whirlpool, Zanussi

Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat 1Nc 1-Pole

Cable Length 1200Mm Temperature Range 7-8°C - Suitable For: Electrolux

Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat Hole Distance 23,5Mm For Whirlpool Part# 310037

Switch-Off Temp. 85°C 1Nc 1-Pole 16A - Suitable For: Morice, Morice, Stirolux, Whirlpool

Transformer Primary 230Vac Secondary 12Vac 3Va For Palux Part# 368849

Secondary 0,25A H 40Mm L 45Mm W 50Mm - Suitable For: Alpeninox, Angelo Po, Angelo-Po, Bertos, Blanco, Blanco, Carel, Cb, Colged, Colged, Cuppone, Dexion, Dexion, Dukers, Electrolux, Elettrobar, Elframo, Elframo, Eliwell, Eloma, Erre 2, Eurotec, Evco, Foinox, Foinox, Franke, Friulinox, Friulinox, Ggf, Gico, Giorik, I-Ovens, Infrico, Inomak, Inoxtrend, Komel, Kãƒå“Ppersbusch, Kãƒâ¼Ppersbusch, Lainox, Mareno, Mbm, Mcc-Trading-International, Mito, Oem, Palux, Pizza Group, Polaris, Polaris, Rieber, Rieber, Sagi, Sagi, Technoblock, Unox, Unox, Whirlpool, Zanussi

Valve Unit 24Vdc For MKN Part# 203831

Suitable For: Mkn

Wheeled Rammer Position Switch

With Centre Attachment Thread M18X1 -
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