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Heating element 12000/14300W 220/240V for Convotherm Part# 5007076, 5007076K

Immersed Length 580 Mm; Triangular Flange 83,5X78,5 Mm Int. 48 Mm; With Bulb Housing; Cables L=820 Mm

Heating element 13200W 230V - star connection for Convotherm Part# 2619180, 5017003

L=545 Mm; Flange 88X57 Mm; Cables L=1050 Mm; With Bulb Housing; With Gasket E Nuts

Heating element 18900W 230V for Convotherm Part# 2619181, 5017004

485 Mm; With Gasket E Flange 90X70 Mm- Cables L=800 Mm

Heating element 6800W 230V for Convotherm Part# 2625181, 5017084

265X65 Mm; Flange 90X70 Mm; Faston 6,3X0,8 Mm

Heating element boiler 6000W 220V for Convotherm Part# 5007062, 5007062K

Immersed Lenght 330 Mm; Triangular Flange 83,5X78,5 Mm; Int. 48 Mm; With Bulb Housing L=155; Cable L=810 Mm

Heating element boiler 6600W 230V for Convotherm Part# 2619178, 5017001, 5017023

Immersed Height 275 Mm; With Bulb Holder 6,5 Mm, Flange 88X57 Mm; With Gasket Epdm, Cable L=1000 Mm

Hexagon screaw for Convotherm Part# 2617293

Screw Te M10X20 Mm; Washer 10,2X28X2,2 Mm